Tuesday 5 June 2012

Early stages: Epermenia chaerophyllella

This one is pretty common and widespread and right now the gregarious larvae are very easy to find.

The windows and brown patches created by the feeding larvae are very obvious, most commonly found on Hogweed but also on other Umbellifers.  Look for these patches and turn over the leaf to reveal groups of larvae.

Epermenia chaerophyllella larvae on Hogweed

Epermenia chaerophyllella larvae on Hogweed (2) Epermenia chaerophyllella - feeding signs on Hogweed


  1. Looking through your recent posts I'm full of admiration as to how you manage to find so many fascinating things (especially in this weather)!

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      The recent weather, in a somewhat ironic way, has spurred me on to search for stages other than adults. The trap has been very quiet this year, meaning more time to carry out other searches.

      It actually feels more rewarding to find these in their habitat as opposed to simply turning on a very bright light each night and waiting for whatever turns up. And technically, ever so slightly more useful scientifically as it proves that these species are breeding and not simply passing through.