Tuesday 3 December 2013

Another miner for the year list

While ever there are leaves on the trees it is worth the effort having a quick look for leaf mining activity. The are still plenty of leaves on the Goat Willow around here and as a result a good scattering of tenanted mines of Ectoedemia intimella on pretty much all of the trees I search. Ectoedemia intimella larva and mine

Monday 2 December 2013

More from the case files...

There are still larval cases of some of the Coleophorids to be found, here are a few of my relatively recent finds:
Coleophora albitarsella on Ground Ivy Coleophora albitarsella larval case Coleophora solitariella on Stitchwort Coleophora solitariella larval case on Stitchwort Coleophora limosipennella on Elm Coleophora limosipennella larval case on Elm