Thursday 19 September 2013

Persistence rewarded

Well after hours and hours of searching for this case-bearer over several years in the end it was the most casual of glances this morning that finally yielded a new one for me in the shape of Coleophora artemisicolella. Well chuffed to say the least... Coleophora artemisicolella larval case Coleophora artemisicolella larval case Spot the case bearer Dave

Friday 13 September 2013

Leaf miner glut continues

Another day with fantastic returns from a miner foray: over 45 species this time and many different ones to the 40 plus day earlier in the week due to different habitat.

 Highlights include:

 Phyllocnistis xenia on Populus Phyllocnistis xenia leaf mine on Populus

Phyllocnistis saligna on Salix Phyllocnistis saligna leaf mine on Salix fragilis
Stigmella viscerella on Elm Stigmella viscerella leaf mine on Elm

Wednesday 11 September 2013

If you go down to the woods today...

A short trip to the woods today yielded over 40 species of leaf miner, with many families represented.

There were thousands and thousands of Phyllonorycter coryli on Hazel, with P. esperella on Hornbeam not too far behind.

Many other species were well into the high hundreds: Caloptilia syringella, Stigmella tityrella, S. hemargyrella, Phyllonorycter messaniella and P. maestingella included.

Some of the highlights included:

Elachista gangabella

Elachista gangabella tenanted leaf mine
Stigmella splendidissimella
Stigmella splendidissimella leaf mine
Stigmella aceris
Stigmella aceris leaf mine Euspilapteryx (Eucalybites) auroguttella
Stigmella samiatella
Phyllonorycter platanoidella
Parornix fagivora
Phyllonorycter mespilella

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Lucky sweep

Had this little beauty when sweeping Field Maple close to home. Even more pleased that it sat still for its photo shoot, as I have always had major trouble with this family in the past...

  Caloptilia semifascia