Sunday 30 November 2014

Early stages: Hypericum miners

These mines on Hypericum are still around in profusion at the moment: Eucalybites auroguttella and Ectoedemia septembrella

Eucalybites auroguttella
Eucalybites auroguttella leaf mine on Hypericum
Eucalybites auroguttella mine on Hypericum

Ectoedemia septembrella Ectoedemia septembrella mines on Hypericum Ectoedemia septembrella mine on Hypericum

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Early stages: Rowan leaf miners

Rowan is host to a number of Lepidopteran leaf miners, some of which are illustrated here.

Stigmella sorbi
Stigmella sorbi leaf mine

Stigmella nylandriella
Stigmella nylandriella leaf mine

Stigmella magdalenae Stigmella magdalenae leaf mine

Phyllonorycter sorbi Phyllonorycter sorbi leaf mine

Sunday 16 November 2014

Early stages: Ectoedemia quinquella

A walk in Ruberries Wood, near Frogham, East Kent (VC15), in the rain at the weekend paid dividends - over 40 species as miners and other early stages, including one brand new one for me: Ectoedemia quinquella mines on Oak.

Multiple mines
Ectoedemia quinquella tenanted mines on Oak

Close up of young larva in mine
Ectoedemia quinquella young mine on Oak

Close up of mature larva in mine Ectoedemia quinquella mature mine on Oak

Thursday 13 November 2014

Get 'em while they last:late Autumn miners galore

Despite the wind and the rain, there are still plenty of leaf mines around, but you'll need to act quickly as most of the leaves won't be around for much longer...

Phyllonorycter lautella on Oak, Faggs Wood, CanterburyPhyllonorycter lautella mines on Oak sapling

Phyllonorycter tristrigella on Elm, Fredville Park, NoningtonPhyllonorycter tristrigella mine on Elm

Phyllonorycter stettinensis on Alder Phyllonorycter stettinensis mine on Alder

Phyllonorycter rajella on Alder Phyllonorycter rajella mines on Alder

Phyllonorycter lantanella on Viburnum, Aylesham, East KentPhyllonorycter lantanella mines on Viburnum

Ectoedemia subbimaculella on Oak, Clowes Wood, CanterburyEctodemia subbimaculella tenanted mine on Oak

Ectoedemia occultella on Birch, Aylesham, East KentEctoedemia occultella leaf mine on Birch

Sunday 9 November 2014

Back on the blog

Well work has been too manic to allow any time to keep the blog going, but hopefully now back and able to catch up a bit. To kick start things, just a few early stage finds of late...
Coleophora albitarsella Coleophora albitarsella larval case
Coleophora gryphipennella Coleophora gryphipennella larval case

Coleophora alticolella/glaucicolella Coleophora alticolella/glaucicolella larval case on Rush
Coleophora argentula Coleophora argentula