Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Early stages: Metzneria lappella

Another relatively widespread moth with a commonly occurring food plant whose larvae are easy to find at this time of year - Metzneria lappella.

The often abundant larvae can be found in their winter hibernacula within the seed heads of Greater Burdock.  This hard hibernacula can be felt once the seed head is opened and teasing this apart further will reveal the rather dumpy looking larva.

They are also easy to rear through, just pop a few seed heads in a container and wait...simple.

Burdock seed head, note lack of external signs of 'occupation' Burdock seed head containing Metzneria lappella larva Larval hibernaculum made from several seeds Metzneria lappella - hibernaculum Larva within opened hibernaculum Metzneria lappella - larva in hibernaculum Larva extracted from hibernaculum Metzneria lappella larva


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  2. Once you picked the larva out off its shelter, will it turn into an adult though?