Friday, 25 May 2012

Eriocrania extravaganza

The appearance of many of the Eriocrania leaf mines has been somewhat delayed this year but I finally managed to catch up with several of these over the last couple of days, the first three all on Birch, the last one on Oak:

Eriocrania sangii
Eriocrania sangii tenanted mine (2)

Eriocrania sangii larva

Eriocrania cicatricella
Eriocrania cicatricella larva
Eriocrania cicatricella mine - 3 larvae were present

Eriocrania salopiella
Eriocrania salopiella tenanted mine
Eriocrania salopiella tenanted mine (2)

Eriocrania subpurpurella
Eriocrania subpurpurella mine (2)
Eriocrania subpurpurella mine

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