Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Of Teasel and Burdock

Each winter I like to collect a bag or two of the seedheads of both Teasel and Greater Burdock in hope of rearing the three species of moth mentioned below.

On Teasel, I check seed heads for the larvae of Endothenia marginana and E. gentianaeana - studying the larvae closely allows me to separate the two: http://www.ukmoths.org.uk/show.php?bf=1099.  This way I can be sure of an accurate ID of the adults.  These larvae are often very numerous and not at all difficult to locate.

Endothenia marginana
E. marginana - reared ex teasel seed head (larvae examined)

Endothenia gentianaeana
E. gentianaeana - reared ex teasel seed head (larvae examined)

I also always have a bag or two of Greater Burdock seedheads for rearing Metzneria lappella - I don't bother looking too closely, just harvest a few handfuls and then wait... Metzneria lappella
M. lappella reared ex burdock seed head


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