Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Quiet time of year but still things to be found...

Things are generally very quiet on the moth front at this time of year, particularly when it's as cold as over recent days, however there are still things to be found.

A few of my recent finds include the following:

Coleophora argentula cases on the seedheads of Yarrow - as with many of these, once you 'get your eye in' with one you tend to find several more relatively easily.

Coleophora glaucicolella cases on rush (Juncus) - there are often several of these on each seedhead and generally wherever there's rush I have success in locating these cases.  Care has to be taken in separating this species from C. alticolella; UKMoths covers the detail on this.  I find a hand lens is sufficient, the hard job is coaxing the larvae far enough out of the case to be examined in detail!

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